The 5 Company Videos You Need to Make in 2023

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January 7, 2023

With the new year, many companies evaluate their marketing and branding strategies and ask themselves if they’re on the cutting edge for 2023. With a revolving door of innovation and cutting-edge technology, there are often an overwhelming number of ways a company can choose to set itself apart.

When it comes to video marketing, we’ll keep it simple for you. As we head into an exciting new year, there are five types of company videos your business needs as a cornerstone of your marketing and promotional strategy–let’s dig in.

Why Video for Business?

We’re obviously biased, but there are countless reasons why video should be part of your toolkit in the new year. And no, we’re not just talking about Instagram reels and TikTok videos–we’re talking about curated, professional video marketing created by a team of experienced video producers.

When it comes to promotional videos for your business, we know that people are more likely to retain information after watching a video. Video marketing continues to grow in popularity at an impressive rate. By the end of this year, 82% of internet traffic is made up of video. That’s a lot, especially considering it's up 75% from 2017.

5 Videos Every Company Should Have in 2023

  1. Social Media Videos–while each social media network caters to a different audience and has a slightly different strategy, overwhelmingly, they all have one thing in common: video. With the growing necessity of a social media presence for your business, video is becoming the gold standard way to promote your business on these platforms. We know that social media posts with video get nearly twice the views as posts without.
  2. Promotional Videos–promotional videos actively promote or “sell” a product or service directly related to your brand. These videos usually include a call to action to generate specific leads and prompt viewers to take action. The three most common types of promotional videos include company/corporate identity, product/service, or program/event.
  3. Company Culture Videos–coming out of the pandemic, prospective employees care more than ever about company culture, work habits, and in-office expectations. Not only can company culture videos be plain FUN to make and share, but they are also a fabulous opportunity to show off why your employees love to work at your company–and possibly attract a few new employee prospects in the process.
  4. Explainer Videos–in every sound marketing strategy, there is room for both the hard and soft sell. Explainer videos help your customer on their buyer journey, acting as an educational tool designed to illustrate that an individual should choose your brand. Explainer videos not only help close sales but also help generate leads and nurture existing customers. You can explain and amplify your brand without making a pushy, hard sell.
  5. Branded Content–while there’s a place for promotional videos, it’s essential to know when your audience wants to be entertained. Enter: branded content. The goal of branded content is not necessarily to sell something outright but rather to give a fun and entertaining association with your brand. Our team will help you position your brand as more than just a product or service but rather an experience or a lifestyle. Branded content is extremely versatile–from using it on your website to YouTube and social media–viewers love a good dose of it.

Your Video Marketing Strategy for 2023

We understand that there are countless directions to take your marketing strategy in the new year. However, statistics- especially the rise of social media- tell us that video will play an integral role in every effective marketing strategy in 2023.

From website video highlights and growing your YouTube presence to reinventing your social media engagement, companies need certain types of video to correctly promote their product or service.

With a knowledgeable production crew, videos can inspire and persuade. Hire an experienced video production company in Josh Birt Media Productions to make this a reality.

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