Audience Engagement: Better With Video

Audience Engagement: Better With Video. Josh Birt Media Productions


It’s the ultimate commodity of digital marketing. The deluge of content on social media and other online platforms means that gaining and retaining audience attention is an uphill battle. The end goal of a scroll stopping online ad or post is engagement. And there’s no better way to increase engagement than with video.

  • 85% of internet users watch online video content
  • 54% of consumers would prefer video content from brands
  • 87% of digital marketers use video to promote businesses

Great marketers use it, savvy businesses hire for it and all customers want it. If you’re in the game to captivate and capture new leads, video is the way to go. Here are some of your options and how they engage your audience.

Video Ads

Video ads run the full spectrum from Instagram shorts to full-length commercials. Any way you present it, video has the power to get attention. Key ways your business can deliver online video ads are through:

  • Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Retargeting (banner ads, retargeted web ads)
  • Ecommerce (targeted for retail platforms)


Within each of these approaches is a litany of opportunities for audience engagement. The best video ads online will be short and sweet, functioning as a kind of teaser. The goal of video ads online is to:

  1. Make your brand look appealing
  2. Clearly offer something
  3. Clearly ask for something

The engagement piece is in the offer and ask. Videos do position your brand and can convey elements of your brand voice and personality in a powerful way. To be engaging, it’s important that your video ad is compelling and invites interaction. There are many ways to optimize recorded video ads with embedded links and calls to action that will compel viewers to move forward into a transaction.

Interested in learning more about the potential of video ads for your business? Go here to learn about our video production services.

Live Video

With the advent of live virtual events and livecasting video on Facebook or IGTV, businesses are hopping on board and vying for the opportunity to trend. Live video can be done in both polished and personable ways that set your offering apart from the masses.

Live video can:

  • Cut and transition in real-time by our offsite team
  • Accommodate multiple users and presenters
  • Use custom graphics and icons
  • Include marketing messaging and opportunities to click
  • Be a powerful way to engage with your audience

Online, live video has the added advantage of being prioritized in a social news feed or triggering alerts. This not only increases viewership but, if done right, can create an evergreen resource that your brand can use time and time again.

Live video also can be a huge liability. If you encounter tech issues, inadequate wifi, or a single team member with a delay, you could strike out. Don’t take that chance. Live video doesn’t have to be a risk. Go here to learn more about how we can facilitate live video for your business.

Recorded Video Webinars

The global, COVID-19 pandemic facilitated the transition from live events to virtual events. As the whole workforce went online, remote services became more important than ever. Vital, industry-specific events are being hosted on online platforms. Whether you are interested in filming a company training, meeting, scheduled webinar or guest speaker, we can help. These and many other options are well within the scope of work we do for clients like you.

Recording a video webinar serves many purposes. First, you will increase audience engagement within your own company. If everyone is simply conferencing in or navigating a public video platform, you will undoubtedly encounter technical challenges that take everyone’s attention away from important content. 

By outsourcing this to the professionals, you can let our team take over the tech stuff while you deliver vital messages and information. This ensures that your people aren’t distracted and get the most out of what you convey. Additionally, having a video webinar recorded keeps your entire company engaged and provides a valuable piece of collateral which can be repeatedly used.

Hire Josh Birt Media Productions to Make Videos

Josh Birt Media Productions is a fully equipped production company. We have the ability to work with you remotely or in-person. Our team is capable and professional. Your success in crafting brilliant video ads, live events, and recorded webinars is only a click away. Go here to contact us and get started.


Corporate production

A professional, on-site film crew for polished video production



Virtual Production

Add sophistication to your virtual events and webinars with live streaming and graphics



  • 3-hour virtual Live Stream
  • Streaming Platform (Vimeo, Youtube)
  • Pre-recorded videos provided to us
  • Up to 4-remote guests
  • Includes live graphics and logos for any guests
  • See examples in our gallery below


Professional video editing services, all provided remotely using your footage



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