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What's On Now?

Your Business Commercial

Your audience is glued to the screen.

Do they see you there?

A business commercial puts you in front of people. If you aren’t visible on digital platforms, you’re missing out.


Video is the most effective way to market.

We can help with that.

  • On average, every $1 spent on TV ads generates two new leads.

    Small Business Chronicle

  • Comcast has over 20 million on demand TV subscribers.


  • 80% of marketers say that video directly increases sales.


JB Media Productions is a professional team that specializes in video production.

Here's what it looks like:

Here’s how it works:

Your commercial playing on...

comcast logo on ipad
hands using remoate control to watch cable tv
Cable T.V.
on demand video screesn
On-Demand Streaming Shows

Here’s what you get:

Video scripting

Video planning and set

Lighting, design and equipment

Audio setup and equipment

Professional video filming

Professional video editing

Ad placement and run on Comcast

on Set Photo

Here’s what it costs:

Production and ad management starts at $2,000/month. For that low monthly cost, you get a :15 second commercial, a :30 second commercial and professional ad management on digital and cable networks.

Now is the time to press play.

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