Video Production Roles: What is a Director of Photography (DP)?

Director of photography showing sample shots to crew

The director of photography (DP) is one of the most important people on a set. They bring about the director’s vision through effortless cinematography. If you want a professional-looking video, then you need to hire a quality director of photography. Donny Thomas is a freelance DP at JB Media Productions in Pittsburgh PA and many…

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Video Production Roles: Hair and Makeup Artists

Makeup artist applying makeup on a video production shoot

One of the unsung heroes of video production is the hair and makeup artist. Hair and makeup brings out the best features of actors and subjects so that they can look and feel their best in front of the camera. Danielle Mock has been a professional hair and makeup artist for 13 years. She has…

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Video Production Roles: What is a Live Production Specialist?

Behind the scenes of a JB Media Productions live set

Have you ever watched a virtual conference or streamed a live event? These events, no matter how small, are seamlessly produced with all of the features that you see in a major news network broadcast. The person behind all of it is the live production specialist. Live production specialists are in charge of planning, recording,…

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Video Production Roles: Key Grip

Key grip building a light stand on production set

There are all types of roles in video production. One of the most important is the key grip. The key grip ensures safety for lighting and filming equipment. Without a knowledgeable key grip, a production set can be dangerous. Ray Edwards is a key grip, dolly grip, and electrician with JB Media Productions and other…

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How Can I Prepare For a Professional Video Shoot?

Video production member writing on clapper board

You’ve chosen to use video marketing to enhance your business. Great choice! Let’s make sure you’re prepared for your next video shoot. From actors to business owners, to video team members, preparation is the key to success for a professional video shoot. We’ll cover tips for location, tech, rehearsal, setup and more so that your…

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What is the Process for Getting a Professional Video?

Video production crew in silhouette

You’ve decided to give video marketing a shot and now you’re ready to produce your first professional video. The content deadline is on the calendar, so it’s time to plan for your shoot. When it comes to professional video production, you’ll need more than a pen, notepad, and a creative idea to make it happen.…

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How Long Does it Take to Complete a Video from Start to Finish

Video production set with two cameras focused on filming a close-up on scene

The million-dollar question: how long does it take to complete a video from start to finish? We get asked this question all the time. The quick answer is this: for a one-day shoot, typically between two to three days for editing a one to two-minute video (i.e. interviews, b-roll, etc). However, there are countless variables…

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3 Options for Filming a Commercial

Production assistant setting up a product on a commercial film set

If you’ve ever watched the SuperBowl, then you likely understand the value of a quality commercial (seriously though, raise your hand if you only watch the SuperBowl for the commercials). If your commercial knowledge ends there, that’s what we’re here for! Here’s the scoop: you want your audience glued to the screen as they learn…

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What is “B-Roll”?

Video camera and microphone with a car driving in the distance

There are two broad categories of filmed footage: A-roll & B-roll. A-roll is captured by “camera A,” or the first camera. It’s the main footage. In a corporate video, commercial, or promo, it’s the interviewee telling their story, the primary storyline, the spokesperson on center stage. B-roll is captured by “camera B,” and includes a…

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How to Sound Good on Camera

Woman blooger on couch in front of a camera

Get a Team to Help You Sound Better on Camera We mentioned it a few times here, but truthfully: having the right video production team can help you sound better on camera. If they have the right experience and the right approach, they’ll put you at ease. The less you’re stressing, the better you’ll sound.…

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