How Can I Prepare For a Professional Video Shoot?

Video production member writing on clapper board

June 27, 2022

You’ve chosen to use video marketing to enhance your business. Great choice! Let’s make sure you’re prepared for your next video shoot. From actors to business owners, to video team members, preparation is the key to success for a professional video shoot.

We’ll cover tips for location, tech, rehearsal, setup and more so that your next professional video shoot goes off without a hitch.

Steps to Prepare for a Video Shoot

You’ve heard us talk about the benefits of video as a killer marketing tool before, so now let’s cover how to actually prepare for a successful video shoot. We’ll discuss how to prepare and organize a successful video shoot from start to finish.

Scout the Environment

On the topic of preparation, make sure you’ve scouted the shoot environment prior to the day of the video shoot. To successfully scout your location, you’ll need to: know your script, scout at the right time, take note of the light, evaluate the location of the sun (for outdoor shoot locations), check for power supplies, decide where to set up, and take any detailed notes related to the area.

Be sure all parties participating are familiar and comfortable with the shoot environment, and communicate the details of the location to everyone involved internally prior to the shoot day.

To set up the shoot for success, communication of the expected environment is key to allow for proper preparation from everyone involved in the shoot. Set it up (literally) for success!

Stage the Environment

On the day of the video shoot, make sure that all products, items, personnel, and equipment are ready to go. As part of the pre-production process, stage the shoot location so that when filming is ready to begin, you can stick to the prepared timeline.

Let’s say we’re shooting a car commercial. This may seem obvious, but it would be important to make sure the main car you’re focusing on for the video is on-site so you don’t waste everyone’s time (this is a real example, we’re not kidding!).

Prepare On Screen Talent

Next, make sure you coordinate the “stars” of the show. Whether you’re working with professional actors or members of the company you’re filming for, your on-screen talent needs to be prepared and organized on the day of your shoot.

This includes making sure they’re rehearsed, coordinating their hair and makeup, organizing a teleprompter as needed, coaching them through preparation, and ensuring scripts are ready to go.

Send/Get Call Sheets

Call sheets answer all those burning questions for everyone involved in the shoot.

“What time am I supposed to be there?”

“Is lunch provided?”

“Where do I park?”

By providing a detailed call sheet, everyone is on the same page. The call sheet will include the whole plan for the video shoot day including directions, location, contact information for crew and talent, arrival times, shoot times, scripts and more. Typically, your professional video production team should provide this to you.

Rehearse and Practice

Rehearsing is about more than just memorizing lines from a script.

There’s a lot more that goes into sounding good on camera, including where to stand and sit, what direction to face, controlling fidgeting, working on ums and ahs, and perfecting outfit choices. Your video production team will help guide you as you rehearse and practice prior to filming.

Tech Setup

As you begin tech setup, make sure you clean out the area you’ll be filming in. Check that power and internet are accessible, ensure backup internet is available if needed, and make sure you’ll have access to circuit boards.

Depending on the type of professional video you’re producing, equipment needs may vary. Still, your video production equipment needs will likely fall into three main categories:

  • Teleprompters–if you are filming a scripted video, you will need teleprompters. Consider the type of video you’re capturing, and if teleprompters will be necessary.
  • Cameras–working with a professional video production team, you can expect that your crew will bring at least two cameras. This is in large part so that there is a backup camera on hand in case anything goes wrong with the main camera. Two cameras also offer the opportunity for shots from two different angles at the same time.
  • Lighting–quality lighting is key to a professional video. Make sure lighting will stay consistent throughout filming to avoid shadows or other lighting distractions on actors faces.

Video production companies will work closely with you to put marks, set up and test lighting, set up and test audio, and more.

Tips for the Day of the Video Shoot

It’s time to shoot! Following a few key tips from video professionals that have been around the block once or twice will make all the difference in a successful day. It’s all about preparation, strategy, and efficiency.

  • Have a written schedule for the day. A schedule allows for maximum efficiency and also ensures everyone knows where they’re expected to be and when. With JB Media Pros, you’ll submit interviewees to the video production company and we’ll create a schedule to stagger everyone so no one waits all day for their portion.
  • Meet with everyone in advance. Make sure you’ve met your entire video production team, including actors, prior to shoot day.
  • Do a rundown with the production company. Plan to rehearse with your video production ahead of the final production day.
  • Provide refreshments on-site. Ensure your team, actors, and anyone else is comfortable on shoot day by providing refreshments on-site. This will keep everyone productive and in good spirits!
  • Recommend providing lunch for everyone to save time. Solve those questions of “when’s lunch?” by planning to provide a meal while on set. No better way to keep everyone happy than keeping them full!

Hiring a professional video team to shoot your next video is about more than just the final product. As video professionals, we take pride in guiding you through the process from start to finish. With JB Media Pros working on your behalf, you’ll show up prepared and confident on the day of the shoot, ready to create a curated video you’re proud to share with your audience. No matter your video production needs, we can help. Get in touch with our team.