Video Production for your Business

The most powerful way to get your message to your audience

Ready to take your web-conferencing to the next level? Video is the most powerful way to get your message to your audience. Watch to learn how JB Media Productions can be your “team behind the scenes.” 

Video is the NUMBER ONE way to be competitive

Internal and external audiences are better engaged and have superior buy-in when you deliver video content. The problem is that most businesses are just learning commercial video platforms and can’t hack the high-end of production. 

JB Media Productions is here to make world-class video affordable and accessible for a businesses just like yours. We create tailored solutions to spotlight your brand with turnkey tools, easy-to-use software, and remote or on-site help.

Realtime and Recorded Video Production for Businesses

Do you look at competitors who deliver sharp, clear, production-quality videos and think… how? Newsworthy live streaming is now accessible to you through services like ours.

Video is the way to your team’s heart and your customer’s buy-in. It regularly outpaces text and audio in terms of lead generation and conversion. Make your presence more magnetic by leveraging this all-important tool.

Our system has everything you need to look professional:

  • Get production-level quality from your home office
  • Connect remote teams in real-time
  • Deliver polished video conferences, webinars, training and more

The game has changed. Your strategy needs to adapt. 


If you’re wondering how to pull off a virtual event using a live-stream video, we can help. With options for web conferences and virtual meet-ups, we will help you create better quality than a simple webcam can provide.

We offer turn-key solutions for virtual events. Services include:

  • Event Planning
  • Video Production
  • Web Streaming
  • Virtual Events
  • Broadcasting to Social Media Platforms

We are also able to customize your live stream solution.

  • We can add media, including customized graphics and inserted videos.
  • We can customize your screen display, including split screen or 4-screen solutions.
  • We offer all the tools of a full television studio for professional production.

JB Media live stream solutions will help you achieve broadcast-quality video content for your next virtual event or conference.

Hire Professional Video Producers for Your Company

This is the right investment at the right time.

Reality? The world is online. People are working from home, remote teams are growing (and sticking around), and your audience is ready to WATCH your message.

The good news? JB Media Productions alleviates the hassle.

  1. You don’t need a dedicated staff member to oversee video productions. You can outsource 100% of these tasks as we either come on-site or remotely supervise every aspect of your video project.
  2. You don’t have to invest in your own equipment. We can train you to use standard tech (such as tablets and computers) OR rent out professional-quality gear at a fraction of the cost.
  3. You don’t have to be a pro. We help regular people excel on video-based platforms. We’ll give you insight into lighting and presentation and do all of the real-time, fancy footwork for you.

Our comprehensive services showcase your brand and amplify your message. Whether your tech knowledge lands in “I haven’t updated to Windows 10 yet” or “I livestream every day,” we will elevate what you have that can compete with any major brand and capitalize on that.

From "ACTION" to "CUT", our services leverage all that’s excellent about you, showcased in real-time for the world to see.