Video Production Roles: Hair and Makeup Artists

Makeup artist applying makeup on a video production shoot

July 23, 2022

One of the unsung heroes of video production is the hair and makeup artist. Hair and makeup brings out the best features of actors and subjects so that they can look and feel their best in front of the camera.

Danielle Mock has been a professional hair and makeup artist for 13 years. She has worked for production, TV, photo shoots, and private clients. Danielle loves that she gets to help clients shine on set.

Continue reading to learn all about Danielle’s experience as a hair and makeup artist and what to expect when you hire one.

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Importance of Hair and Makeup at a Shoot

Some agencies and clients feel that they don’t need hair and makeup at their shoot. However, what many don’t realize is that hair and makeup significantly contributes to the final product. There’s both a technical and emotional factor that professional hair and makeup provides.

On the technical side, utilizing professional hair and makeup will make the production go smoothly. Without a hair and makeup artist, editors have to do more in the post-production process to fix mistakes.

A makeup artist understands how the lighting of a set will look on a person. They can provide a makeup look that will enhance natural features and provide balance on the camera.

Additionally, hair and makeup services make people feel more confident in front of the camera. According to Study Finds, two in five women say that makeup gives them a confidence boost. Here’s what Danielle says about this:

“Feeling good about yourself and feeling well represented transfers over to the camera.”

Hair and makeup is typically the first station that actors and subjects will go to on set. Being on camera can make people feel vulnerable. If they’re nervous, hair and makeup is a good place for them to calm down and start to connect with the set. This is where people start to feel more comfortable and confident, both inside and out.

Preparing for Hair and Makeup

It’s always important to consider hair and makeup when planning the production schedule. It can take a long time to produce a video start to finish. Knowing what to expect and coming prepared will keep things on track.

Danielle explained that, ideally, she would communicate with the client ahead of time so that actors and subjects come to her prepared. Here are Danielle’s preferences:

  • Skin is clean and moisturized.
  • Hair is clean and dry.
  • Wardrobe support, if applicable, is there.

Danielle also explained that the entire experience is better for subjects when they talk with their artist. She encourages clients to bring their favorite lipstick shades, favorite pictures of themselves and anything else that will help her provide a look that enhances natural beauty and confidence. The more involved clients are in the entire production process, the better the video production team can do their jobs.

What Men Should Expect in Hair and Makeup

Men are typically hesitant when it comes to hair and makeup, especially if they have never had the service before. In fact, according to a Morning Consult poll, 49% of men surveyed responded that they would never wear makeup while only 23% said they would definitely or maybe wear makeup.

Due to the hesitation, Danielle likes to refer to it as grooming, rather than hair and makeup. In this process, she’ll reduce shine, bring out the shape of their facial hair, comb their eyebrows and make sure their skin and lips are hydrated. Danielle explains:

“Those are really basic things that can really transfer on the camera and make them feel great too. We don’t want to leave the men out. They also deserve to feel their best on camera.”

When men show up for hair and makeup, they don’t have to worry about wearing blush and eyeliner. It’s all about correction – making sure their natural features are neat and camera ready.

Hair and Makeup Post Production

Once the video shoot is over, Danielle will ask the actors if they want to keep their makeup on. If not, she uses fragrance free makeup wipes and preps their skin so that they leave feeling hydrated.

However, she says that most of the time, women ask to keep their makeup on. This is a testament to how Danielle has perfected her craft. Danielle helps those in front of the camera feel comfortable, rather than insecure.

Hiring a Professional Video Production Team

Danielle really enjoys that she gets to be creative and tell a story with her makeup looks. She describes an experience with a client who showed up to set extremely nervous:

“Ultimately, she loved what I did because I made her look like her and I respected how she felt about it. But I also honored what the production team needed visually. And when she saw herself in the camera, she was so happy.”

It’s these kinds of stories that make JB Media Productions stand out from the rest. Our production team cares deeply about their clients. This is why our team consistently produces incredible final products that leaves clients satisfied and excited.

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