Video Production Roles: What is a Live Production Specialist?

Behind the scenes of a JB Media Productions live set

July 9, 2022

Have you ever watched a virtual conference or streamed a live event? These events, no matter how small, are seamlessly produced with all of the features that you see in a major news network broadcast. The person behind all of it is the live production specialist.

Live production specialists are in charge of planning, recording, broadcasting and streaming live events. Douglas Sicchitano is a live production specialist at TDS Media and a contractor for JB Media Productions. Douglas has years of experience working with major broadcast providers, sports networks, corporations and more. His specialties include multi-camera productions, live to tape productions, and live broadcasting.

Continue reading to learn more about what Douglas does as a live production specialist.

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What is a Live Production Specialist?

A live production specialist handles live events that are recorded or streamed live. What makes live production specialists different from videographers is that they have extensive knowledge on how to accommodate different kinds of live events for broadcasting.

Live production specialists can provide live streaming services, virtual and in person broadcasting, software for presentations, audience interaction systems and much more.

Additionally, live production specialists know how to handle any issues and minimize risk. According to Tech Radar, it only takes 90 seconds of a poor quality stream for users to turn it off. Live production specialists have the knowledge to overcome these kinds of challenges. They ask the right questions before the event so that they know what to prepare for.

Here’s Douglas’ explanation:

“I am a specialist in live productions and multi-cam productions from sports to corporate events. So, I know the tools, the equipment and the workflows that are necessary to create a high quality, high-end event.”

Live production specialists have the experience to take any event or activity and turn it into something that people can enjoy from just about anywhere.

Types of Live Events

There are all sorts of different live events that you may want to record or live stream. These include:

  • Corporate communications
  • Marketing and sales videos
  • Live product demos
  • Community and work meetings
  • Training videos
  • Workshops and guest speaking events

By recording and live streaming these events you can make them accessible to people who may not have been able to participate otherwise.

Virtual Productions

COVID-19 has really shifted the way that many companies and groups communicate. But, Zoom and Microsoft Teams aren’t your only options for creating quality virtual events. This is what Douglas does – taking virtual productions one step further.

Live production specialists can implement branded graphics, backgrounds, professional cutting between different people and so much more. They can help you create a professional, full virtual production, such as a workshop or conference.

Virtual live events are quickly becoming popular among organizations. The Search Engine Journal reports that LinkedIn has had a 231% increase in virtual live event attendance over the years. Whether you want to put together a virtual event for your employees or for the general public, using a live production specialist will enhance the participant’s experience.

Considerations for Virtual Productions

When doing a virtual production, it’s always important to consider a few things. Douglas explains that the most important consideration is that all speakers, including guest speakers, should have a stable internet connection, a quality webcam and great lighting.

Once all of that is taken care of, it’s not too difficult to get a virtual event rolling. One of the exciting features of virtual productions is that the audience can participate just as much, if not more, in a virtual event. Douglas explains how his team does this:

“If you’re doing a live stream where you want to have interaction with the audience, you can still have questions via text and polling. So there’s systems we can put in place so that the audience can type in their text, the presenters would be able to read those and respond and interact.”

Live streaming and recording virtual events is a great way to increase audience engagement. Douglas also has experience producing hybrid events. This means that his team will broadcast an in-person event so that people who want to participate from home still can.

Preparing for a Live Production

The most important part of putting together a live production is prepping. Douglas explains that the first thing he’ll do is sit down with a client to talk about what they need. Here are a few questions Douglas may ask:

  • What kind of event is it?
  • Where is it being held?
  • Is there a stable internet connection?
  • Is the event already planned or do you need guidance?

After all of these questions are answered, Douglas and his team will start to put together a plan. This is where they figure out how many cameras and what kind of audio equipment will be necessary.

Additionally, they will determine what kinds of software and systems will work best. For example, if a speaker has a presentation, Douglas and his team have systems to upload the presentation while providing the speaker full autonomy on changing slides.

It’s also important to have a discussion about the budget. Douglas explains that being open about budgeting allows him to provide realistic expectations and solutions. His team has produced broadcasts and live streams for events with a wide range of budgets.

Hire a Live Production Specialist

According to Forrester, live videos hold the attention of consumers for 10-20x longer than recorded videos. Whether you want to livestream a free event or ask participants to pay for tickets, live streaming offers tremendous value to marketing strategies.

Utilizing a live production specialist, such as Douglas, makes it even easier to live stream or broadcast your events, meetings and more. At JB Media Productions, we believe in hiring only the most knowledgeable staff. When you utilize our live production specialists, you can host your dream events with ease.

“We’re the experts, so we’ll take the complication out of it.” – Douglas Sicchitano

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