What Makes JB Media Productions Different?

Founded by Josh Birt, JB Media Productions is a full-service video production company offering services in all aspects of production. We are also an equipment and crew source for companies who need help with their video shoots in Pittsburgh and in the surrounding areas. We can supply lighting, grip and camera packages that can go out in our 2015 Ford Transit vehicle. When you get one of our packages, you’re gaining access to the top equipment, services and, video crew in the industry.

Beyond Words and Pictures

Some production companies want to tell your story in their own way, not in a way that best meets your needs. Other companies may come into your business and take over, removing you from the creative process. making the client just an actor in their own story. At JB Media Productions, we pride ourselves in taking a different approach that respects your space, employees, ideas, and expertise. We’ll work with you as a team, helping you manage your shoot rather than commandeering it.

Experienced Crews

Creating video projects that help achieve a desired change and outcome takes more than an eye for layout, lighting, and props. It takes a savvy approach to understanding the objective and purpose of your vision, and then translating that into structured use of video. Timing, order, flow along with the right images, wording, and storytelling techniques allow us to provide you with a more impactful and engaging final project.

Respect for Our Clients

Our teams respect you, your office or home, and your vision. We’ve worked with some of Hollywood’s top talent, famous athletes, and internationally acclaimed doctors and technologist. We pride ourselves on our respect for and dedication to our clients by providing our most experienced crews.