Our Process


Every video project starts with the creative process, which entails creating a plan or framework for the video before it is completed. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and needs in order to create the right message for your video. Once that message or direction is determined, our team will help you create concepts, storyboards, and scripts before we start the actual production.


The final quality of professional projects makes them worth the investment. Our directors, producers, DPs, gaffers, and grips are highly adept, having worked on major studio film work, national advertising accounts, notable corporate projects, and everything in-between. We provide you with only the best crew, so you can receive the best outcome.

We have the ability to scale our crew and equipment to fit your production needs without sacrificing quality.


Beautiful imagery is wasted if the video’s message is lost. It's a fool’s errand to focus only on the shoot itself, thinking that the edit is simply a cut-and-paste process, the script is inflexible, every person’s delivery was flawless, and that the expected product will unfold perfectly.

Great editing coalesces all the creative elements to bring the production to life. Telling the story the right way – the first time – is essential to us.

Using top-of-the-line software programs, we strive to give you the best in visual effects, audio, music, and color-correction. With our on-site editing systems and monitors, we also give you the option to take part in the editing process if you so choose.